You are probably here because you want to know how to make wall paint long-lasting. Well, wall paintings that are done great contribute to adding life and creating walls that shine for years. However, painting homes becomes time-consuming and tedious when it keeps shedding soon.

In fact, each one of us wishes to have walls that require the least maintenance. One such method is color proofing surrey. Besides that, here is a brief that states how to enhance the life and longevity of your walls. Let’s begin.

  • Restrain The Walls From Being Damp

The early signs of water penetration via external walls are the stamps of damp patches in the interior walls. Eventually, this causes considerable damage to the wall paint. Look for all sorts of cracks near the roof edges. Identify them and fix the leakage right from the source itself. In case you cannot repair the cracks or control the dampness, try applying an epoxy waterproof coating onto the internal brickwork. This layer eventually lowers the absorption of water along with the permeability of your walls.

Bonus: Cement sheet board cladding or wall tiles are an excellent approach to protect all damp walls in the interiors.

  • Make Sure That The Wall Is Plastered

First things first. There should not be any loose plaster on the walls. You can check this by tapping the wall. In case you hear a hollow sound, it is a sign that the plaster has detached. Next, fill in all the cracks. Repair the areas where you notice loose plasters. Make sure that the plaster receives enough curing time around 7-21 days. Branded Waterproofing compounds along with color proofing can be mixed along with plaster in the form of additives to create a smooth waterproof surface. Homeowners can even consider gypsum plaster. It is an excellent solution to plastering walls. You can apply it directly on the concrete surface or the brick.

Here, the best part about gypsum is that it is a swift approach to prepare walls to paint ready within 3 days. In addition, it can stretch as well. Hence, your wall surface will be safeguarded from cracking.

  • Apply Plaster Of Paris For A Smooth Texture

Plaster of Paris (POP) is applied on the top of the plaster. Furthermore, it is used to fill in all and every uneven hole, surface, and cracks in the walls. POP offers a level surface to give a smooth and perfect wall finish upon which the paint colors settle properly. However, ensure sanding the POP.

  • Primer Ready

For good paint adhesion, apply a nice coat of primer to lock the walls and deliver a great base to bind the paint. This is to maintain that the paint does not flake or peel. Besides color-proofing surrey, primers will extend the life of your paint. In fact, it enhances the appearance of your final coat of paint. However, the primer must be left to dry at least for 8-10 hours.

Bonus: Before applying the primer, ensure that the walls are free of dirt and dust. You can do this by scraping or cleaning the walls with sandpaper.

  • Paint With Superior Acrylic Emulsions

When it comes to color proofing, acrylic emulsions work excellently for home painting. In addition, this kind of paint always stands out due to its elegant features. Qualities like flexibility, brilliant durability, elegant finish, etc. avoid forming cracks. In fact, emulsions prevent low volatile organic compounds and quick-drying components. For best results, apply at least 2 coats of wall paint before doing color proofing. This increases the wall paint life with durability and protection.

Bonus: It is recommended to prefer paints that come with a 5-year warranty against all defects such as peeling, fungal growth, flaking, fading, etc.


Using quality materials and the appropriate application techniques make a great difference. Proper workmanship and maintenance is a brilliant way to paint and design walls that last for a lifetime. However, it is necessary to pay a little more attention to every layer of the wall treatment. This is because each thing plays an individual and unique role to increase the lifespan of the wall paint.